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My name is Crystal and I just reblog stuff. That's pretty much it. Right now that means a lot of Merlin,Homestuck,and Teen Wolf. Especially Teen Wolf.


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But seriously do you ever think that all those who died in the battle of Hogwarts probably went on the chocolate frogs’ cards . And Teddy opening one before going on the train to Hogwarts and seeing his parents smiling at him, so they were actually there to see him off on his first year.

drowning in an ocean of my tears

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but by the skin of your teeth

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the teen life


the teen life

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I keep saying I’m going to read all this fic, but I don’t like reading it during the day? And I only have so many nights that I can stay up ridiculously late and usually I’m too tired and this is stupid. 





I absolutely rank this as one of the big Moments in my life as a person who actively engages with text.  That is, this is a movie that you either decide to just GO WITH or you peace out as soon as you see a crowd of medieval jousting fans jamming to “We Will Rock You.” You CANNOT just passively take it in.  You MUST make a choice, and either accept or reject its wacky nature.  

I, obviously, decided that HELL YES was I into this and have never regretted it.

A TOAST TO ALL WHO ARE INTO A KNIGHT’S TALE UNIRONICALLY, particularly if you’re also an English history/language geek.

My only regret is that Chaucer’s costume did not remain just Paul Bettany’s skin.

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I am so gosh darn tired. Watched the kids while my sister went to work. She finally got her permanent protective order.